Asset Division in Missouri Divorce

"I work hard to make sure my clients receive their fair share of the assets, and will work to uncover hidden assets where necessary." — Columbia, MO Attorney Myia McKenna

McKenna Family Law has the expertise and experience to handle divorces involving complex asset situations and high asset divorces. Whether you own or operate a business, a farm, or have unique types of property, you should have an attorney with a thorough understanding of issues that will impact the protection and appropriate handling of your property interests. These often require hiring appropriate experts and making sure they are utilized appropriately and efficiently to glean the best evidence on your behalf.

"Equitable division" of marital property under Missouri law does not necessarily mean equal division. There are enumerated factors in Missouri that guide the equitable division of marital assets, and experienced counsel can help you assert your rights in the division of your property, whether it be complex or straightforward. I work hard to make sure my clients receive their fair share of the assets, and will work to uncover hidden assets where necessary.

I also handle cases involving division of assets of parties who have not married. If you are not married, the divorce statutes for division of property will not apply to you, however, other areas of the law can provide both potential pitfalls and potential relief. I can advise you of your options and help if you need to divide real estate or personal property you own with another person, whether it be a family member, domestic partner, or significant other.

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If you are in Columbia or elsewhere in Central Missouri, we encourage you to contact McKenna Family Law to speak with us about how we can advocate for you during the asset division process.

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Columbia, MO Divorce & Family Law Attorney Myia McKenna has been practicing in the area of family law for more than 15 years and is the founder of McKenna Family Law, LLC. Myia grew up in Boone County, attending Southern Boone Schools and Rock Br…

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“Myia exudes confidence and strength and has the education, experience, wisdom, and skills to back it up.”
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