Practice Areas


Few life events impact your life like the financial and emotional upheaval that can come with the dissolution of a marriage. Your divorce process and the judgment by which you will be bound will have far-reaching consequences for many aspects of your… Read More

Asset Division

McKenna Family Law has the expertise and experience to handle divorces involving complex asset situations and high asset divorces. Whether you own or operate a business, a farm, or have unique types of property, you should have an attorney with a tho… Read More

Child Custody

Child custody issues are of paramount concern to our clients who are parents or have been acting as parents. As a parent myself, I understand that the safety and well-being of your children comes first. Many parents facing a child custody issue need… Read More

Child Support

McKenna Family Law can help you navigate the laws surrounding child support and enforcement of child support obligations. If you have a paternity case or a divorce, child support will most likely be addressed in your court case. Read More

Child Relocation Issues

Complicated relocation issues arise when one parent seeks to relocate with a child after a divorce or in other shared child custody situations. Missouri law attempts to strike a balance between honoring existing custody judgments, providing a child f… Read More

Modification of Judgments

Orders concerning custody of children, visitation, child support, and modifiable maintenance obligations are modifiable by a court in proper cases. You have to properly request modification of your judgment if it no longer works for you or is no long… Read More

Paternity Matters and Help for Unmarried Parents

Never-married parents can face legal issues that are emotional and complex. Missouri paternity or parentage cases involve establishing parental rights and obligations. Your case will almost certainly involve making custody arrangements that will serv… Read More

Enforcement of Judgments and Contempt

Sometimes parties do not follow court judgments. Sometimes people are legitimately unable to comply with something they are ordered to do; sometimes they are fully able to comply but they fail or refuse to do so for no legitimate reason. Read More

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Many people used to believe that pre-nuptial agreements or "pre-nups" were for the rich and famous. Today they are commonly used for anyone who has pre-marital or separate assets, a business, family farm, or children to protect. Read More

Legal Issues for Same-Sex Couples

I have handled a variety of legal issues for same-sex couples throughout my legal career, both before and after same sex marriage was legally recognized in Missouri. Some of these have included partition for division of real estate and personal prope… Read More

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents have certain rights in Missouri, but their right to request relief from a court depends on particular facts. If you are a grandparent who is concerned about the well-being of your grandchildren in their current custody situation, or if y… Read More

Family Law Mediation

In addition to providing representation as legal counsel to people in family law matters, McKenna Family Law offers mediation services. Mediation services are available if I have not already consulted with you or represented you as your attorney. The… Read More

Domestic Relations Appeals

On occasion, I have handled domestic relations appellate work in family court cases such as divorce, paternity, or modification judgments. The appeal process is time-intensive and must be undertaken only by attorneys who have sufficient time to devot… Read More