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Below are actual client reviews of Columbia, Missouri family law attorney Myia McKenna and McKenna Family Law, LLC. We appreciate our clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

I would highly recommend Myia McKenna to anyone in need of a family attorney. Myia is extremely knowledgeable in the field of family law and is an expert at navigating the complex issues that inevitably arise in divorce litigation. She is an experienced negotiator, meticulous in the courtroom, and her legal writings and briefs are second to none. Myia is hardworking, responsive, tenacious, and compassionate - a rare combination of qualities in an attorney. My case was a large and complex one. In my experience, men oftentimes come out the losers in divorces. Thanks to Myia's expertise, I was able to protect the assets for which I worked for decades before meeting my ex wife. In closing, in my years as an executive at two Fortune 500 firms, I have worked with myriad attorneys. In my experience, Myia is one of the best. She literally saved my life earnings/assets and protected my retirement. Once again, I highly recommend her. If you are going through a divorce, there is no one who can better represent your interests than Myia McKenna.

– Former Client

Myia McKenna is an exceptional professional, and I simply would not trust anyone else. Thank you! Myia McKenna is a professional who brings results. My case was a bit unusual and was very complicated. Myia worked tirelessly to understand each detail in my case, and she kept me up to date on everything that was happening each step of the way. I went in not knowing what to expect. Myia explained everything and covered all the bases. When we finally had our moment in court, it was so much easier than I thought it ever would be. Myia is detail-oriented, and her organization skills are second to none. She was always very prompt in returning my phone calls and e-mails. Thanks to Myia, my family is whole again and everything is as it should be. I thank her every day from the bottom of my heart because without her it wouldn't have been possible. I hope to never need her services again, but if I had need of her services again, there isn't anyone else I would trust more. Myia will always be my go-to when I need answers in matters of family law. The fate of my family as I knew it was literally in her capable hands, and she delivered exceptional results.

– Former Client

Myia McKenna is a truly outstanding attorney. She has changed the way I feel about the legal profession. She showed great empathy about my custody situation and took time to learn my case and its specifics. She did an incredible job of explaining the process and potential outcomes. I felt that she really cared about the outcome of my case and more importantly, about my relationship with my son. I have had attorneys in the past who did little more than sign the requisite legal documents. I never felt like just another case. In addition, she never seemed intimidated by the other attorney or the process. She is a true caring professional that is excellent in her work. I would recommend her to anyone in a child custody case.

– Former Client

Myia McKenna exceeded my expectations during a complicated divorce. I was convinced that no one other than myself could understand the documentation I provided. However, Myia patiently worked with me to organize it, at the same time, demonstrating she understood it as well as I did. Myia exudes confidence and strength and has the education, experience, wisdom, and skills to back it up. I was pleased with all aspects of her work on my behalf.

– Former Client

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Columbia, MO Divorce & Family Law Attorney Myia McKenna has been practicing in the area of family law for more than 15 years and is the founder of McKenna Family Law, LLC. Myia grew up in Boone County, attending Southern Boone Schools and Rock Br…

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