Missouri Family Law Mediation

In addition to providing representation as legal counsel to people in family law matters, McKenna Family Law offers mediation services. Mediation services are available if I have not already consulted with you or represented you as your attorney. The roles are different, and I cannot properly serve as both attorney and mediator for the same parties. However, because I am an experienced family law attorney, I am uniquely qualified to guide parties' discussion of family law topics when I am serving them in a mediator role.

An attorney mediator can help the parties explore practical solutions, give information within their area of legal expertise, and help parties avoid common pitfalls in carrying out the terms of agreements or enforcing them. I have extensive training in mediation of family law disputes and have served as a court-appointed mediator for seven years. I continue to provide mediation services for parties seeking alternative dispute resolution, whether they are currently involved in the court system or not.

I will spend the time you need to discuss and evaluate solutions for custody and parenting plans, as well as property division and child support issues. If you are seeking a collaborative and cost-effective process for your divorce or custody situation, mediation may be the right answer for you and your family.

Speak with a Columbia, Missouri Family Mediator

If you are in Columbia or elsewhere in Central Missouri, we encourage you to contact McKenna Family Law to speak with us about our family law mediation services.